Why I Hate Waterproof Mascara

I hate waterproof mascara. THERE, I said it. I hate how drying it feels, I hate when it claims to not flake (yet it totally does), and I HATE—more than anything—how hard it is to get off. Mascara has been the bane of my makeup existence since I started wearing it daily in high school. If I applied it at 6am, there was a good chance it would be streaking all over my eyelids by 4th period. Things got worse when I tried a waterproof formula; though the smudging was minimized it still occurred from time to time, but now I had a new set of problems. Wearing waterproof mascara made my lashes so brittle they would fall out every time I removed my makeup. The worst issue of all was getting the waterproof mascara off. I tried every remover out there—oil-based cleansers, “top-rated” makeup wipes, DIY hacks and more. Each method left unwanted residue that I would end up hand-picking off and subsequently pulling out my own lashes. After switching back to non-waterproof formulas and giving my lashes more breaks from makeup, they started to grow back; but I never bought another waterproof mascara.

The worst issue of all was getting the waterproof mascara off.

Now that I'm older and a bit wiser, I've become more attentive to the mascara formulas that I choose. I’ve found that the cleaner the formula, the better my lashes look. Wearing mascara that doesn’t contain ingredients like parabens, sulfates and mineral oil not only makes my eyelashes look fuller and thicker, but my eyelashes are the healthiest they’ve ever been. I’ve exclusively used this caliber of formula for the past 2 years and it truly hassaved my lashes. They even look good without mascara which is something I've been trying to achieve for years. My next quest was to find the perfect combination of clean formula and high-performance. This can be tricky—though the ingredients may be better, the staying power can be lacking. That’s why imayla beauty created theUnifeye Volumizing Mascara. While the Unifeye Volumizing Mascara isn'ttechnically waterproof, this formula has proven to withstand anything that comes its way. We’ve jumped in the pool, worn it in the shower, laughed until we cried and found no smudges or streaks. I may be biased, but this formula is truly revolutionary. If being in love with a mascara is possible, then I think I’ve found the one.

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