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Zahid Group

Headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Zahid Group has successfully evolved over the course of the last century from its origins as a modest trading concern to become a multi-national organization encompassing a diverse portfolio of companies operating across 14 sectors.

The Attitude of Excellence

With a set of well-defined shared values as its foundation, the Group's success is built on long-standing partnerships and associations with globally renowned brands and on 'The Attitude of Excellence' maintained by its diverse workforce of more than 5,000 persons of 36 different nationalities. Here are some of their stories.

Omar Qari - Zahid Group

"My story started 22 years ago as an entry level Clerk. My growth is the result of the training, development, trust and motivation our Group has consistently extended to me."

Doaa Bukhari - Zahid Group
Doaa Bukhari

"I joined Zahid Group as a trainee and with the guidance I have been given over the last five months I am now an Administrative Assistant. The Group understands my  special needs and I am grateful to have been introduced to them during the Tamkeen exhibition."

Asser Khattab - Zahid Group
Asser Khattab

"Over the last twenty years, I have lived by our Group’s shared values and gained the trust, loyalty and appreciation of my clients."

Serien Nowailati - Zahid Group
Serien Nowailati

"In the last four years I have gone from Management Trainee to GCI Industry Manager.  I have met with the NEOM and Caterpillar teams in Geneva and have experienced first-hand how the Group empowers every female employee."

Ali Almarhoon - Zahid Group
Ali Almarhoon

"The culture of support is one of our Group’s most prominent factors. Our Group operates in numerous sectors that are integral to our Kingdom’s development and achievement of Vision2030."

Khadejah AlGhamdi - Zahid Group
Khadejaha AlGhamdi

"From being awarded as an ERP Champion to being the first female Sales Consultant in the Commercial Vehicles Division;  my career milestones come as a result of the trust and guidance extended to me."

Moustafa Elhadari - Zahid Group
Moustafa Elhadari

"My journey from Mechanical Assistant to Installation Team Leader, where I am today responsible for the installation of temporary energy at some of our Kingdom’s largest events, was only made possible by the investment the Group made in me."

Mahmoud Aulaqi - Zahid Group
Mahmoud Aulaqi

"I started my career at Zahid Group as a Junior Accountant and today manage a team that is well-trained and empowered to meet the challenges and demands of every day. "

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